Application Process

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Our Grantmaking Process in 5 Easy Steps!

Rocky Mountain Health Foundation is committed to nonprofits and the work you do to strengthen the health of our communities. Please tell us your story and ask for what you really need. Reach out early and often if you need help! RMHF staff is available to support you throughout the entire grant application process.

1. Before you apply

Explore our grantmaking pages! Take the Eligibility Quiz to determine if your organization is eligible for grant funding, and with which funding priorities you are most closely aligned. Sign up for email updates by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Connect with Us!

Each funding cycle begins with a pre-application Zoom call with Foundation staff. This meeting is REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS, whether returning or new, in the Focus Area and Workforce Development cycles.  For the Simple Gifts cycle, it is only required for new or previously declined applicants. This is a great way to learn more about each other, determine the best fit within our various funds, and answer any questions you may have. During this call, we’ll first determine if your organization is eligible to apply. If eligible, we’ll discuss your proposed funding request (the services/activities provided, target population, and expected results,) the financial health of your organization, and go over the timeline for the cycle. If we recommend that you apply in the current cycle, we’ll also ask you for some additional information about your organization such as contact information, mission statement, website, and your EIN.

You can easily set up this pre-application call with the appropriate Foundation staff by clicking on the link below according to the county in which your organization is located. Note: the scheduling links are only active when a cycle is open!  Check the calendar page on this website to see the dates for each cycle. If you have a question unrelated to a pre-application meeting, please just give us a call anytime.


For Delta, Grand, Jackson, Mesa, Moffat, Rio Blanco, or Routt counties:         

                     Stephanie Self     Phone: 970.697.1023

Scheduling link:



 For all other counties on the Western Slope (Click here to view map):

                     Julie Hinkson     Phone: 970.697.1038

Scheduling link:



Preparing for the Pre-Application meeting:  please review the grantmaking section of our website to familiarize yourself with our eligibility requirements and funding guidelines. You may also want to look at the sample grant.

3. Submit a grant application through our online portal.

Following the required pre-application meeting, if eligible, you will receive an emailed link to access our online grant application. All applications must be submitted online no later than 12:00 noon on the due date. In fairness to applicants who meet the deadline, no late applications will be accepted.

You can download a completed sample grant below to preview the exact application for each funding cycle, and to give you an idea of our expectations for each question. It is the same grant you will complete online, so you may use it as a template to prepare and edit your responses before completing and submitting your application through the grant portal.

4. Hang tight during the evaluation process, which includes:

• Staff vetting for alignment, completeness, and clarity. You may receive a phone call from RMHF with clarifying questions about your grant – check the Calendar page and be sure someone is available during that timeframe who can answer questions about the application and your organization.
• Grant Committee evaluation and recommendation
• Board approval

5. Receive notification of award decision

Both awarded and declined applicants will be contacted first by phone, and then by a follow up letter. If you were declined, we are happy to provide honest feedback on why your proposal wasn’t funded, offer technical assistance, or provide resources when requested. Every funding cycle is an opportunity for both of us to learn and grow.

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