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Rocky Mountain Health Foundation is committed to nonprofits and the work they do to strengthen the health of our communities. The grant application provides the opportunity for you to introduce your organization, tell us about the community you serve, what county health assessment gap you are addressing, and how we can help. It also allows us to determine whether the purpose or project for which you are seeking funding aligns with our mission and values. Whether it’s a big-win or pie-in-the-sky idea, or if you are doing the routine plain-Jane work that’s vitally needed in our community, tell us your story and ask for what you really need.

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Helpful Hints

All applications must be submitted online no later than 5 p.m. by the due date. In fairness to applicants who meet the deadline, no late applications will be accepted. Partial applications will not go forward into the review process.

You may receive a phone call from RMHF with clarifying questions about your project – check the Calendar Page and be sure someone is available during that timeframe who can answer questions about the application and your organization.

Pay close attention to instructions and required attachments.  Make sure you upload every required document.

Be accurate and honest.  If there is bad news, please don’t hide it.  Be honest and let RMHF know how we can help.

Reach out early and often if you need help! RMHF staff is available to support you throughout the grant application process. Contact Julie Hinkson, Program Officer (970) 697-1038,  or Stephanie Self, (970) 697-1023,


Applicants should:

Address an identified community health need that will advance the overall health and well-being of the specific community.

Use data to back up the stated need in your community, and to support why your organization or program is addressing that issue. Sources of good (local, current) data include:  Kids Count! in Colorado, Community Health Needs Assessment, Western Colorado County Profiles, Colorado Health Institute’s County Health Profiles, your community’s Economic Development Dept. or Health & Human Services Dept.

Work in complement or in collaboration with others in the community doing work that supports shared outcomes.

Have well-defined goals and a clear strategy to implement and manage the proposed work.

Demonstrate fiscal responsibility through a detailed and realistic budget that itemizes both expenses and projected revenue.

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