Funding Opportunities

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RMHF awards grants to Western Slope organizations offering programs and services that improve conditions for underserved, vulnerable or marginalized people, and are aligned with the purpose of one of our funds described below. Each fund has a separate, annual cycle; for details, see the current Timeline and Calendar here!


General Operating grants to organizations that deliver outcomes aligned with the Foundation’s core focus: to provide for basic needs, and to increase access to and affordability of health care. Follows our standard grant application, in-depth review process, and reporting schedule. Awards will typically range from $20,000 to $50,000.

Basic Needs
• food (food banks and pantries, meal services, food-related equipment & delivery vehicles)
• housing (emergency shelters, safe houses, rental/mortgage assistance)
• transportation (medical, dial-a-ride vouchers, bus passes)
• safety (domestic violence, sexual assault, child advocacy, in-home parent education & child abuse prevention)

Physical Health
• dental screening & service
• visual/hearing screening & services
• medical screening & services
• animal assisted PT, OT
• health navigator, promotora
• hospice/palliative/home health care
• securing health insurance

Behavioral Health
• mental health counseling & therapy
• crisis response
• suicide prevention
• substance abuse treatment & therapy
• substance abuse prevention
• animal-assisted behavioral health therapies
• grief counseling

Case Management (in the above areas)


General Operating grants to organizations that are not directly aligned with our focus areas but are worthwhile and important to their community. Utilizes a streamlined application, expedited timeline, and minimal reporting. Awards up to $10,000.

• adaptive sports
• art & music for special populations
• camps
• community coalitions
• community gardens
• early childhood development
• legal aid
• mentoring
• nutrition education
• peer support groups
• positive youth development
• respite care/childcare


Program grants specifically for the purpose of promoting and supporting women, people of color, and people in poverty who are seeking careers behavioral health and healthcare. Awards will typically range from $20,000 to $50,000.

• Scholarships for behavioral health or healthcare related degrees or certifications (such as MSW, LCSW, CAC, CNA, Personal Care Provider)
• Professional supervision for licensure and internships
• Paid internships & internship living expenses
• Instructional equipment (simulation labs, etc)


By invitation only. A small cohort selected based on alignment with a specific focus issue. Utilizes a co-design application and reporting model. Renewable, general operating grants, with annual awards typically ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

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