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RMHF’s core focus is to support organizations that help people meet their basic needs and make healthcare affordable and accessible. Foundation staff have a wide range of experience: healthcare spanning prenatal service to end-of-life care; nonprofit management; health insurance access; philanthropy.

Please reach out! We are not too busy to talk and would really love to hear from you (and see pictures of your dog/cat/horse/iguana).

Michaelle Smith

Executive Director


Stephanie Self

Resource & Relationship Partner


Julie Hinkson

Sr. Resource & Relationship Partner


Board of Directors

The Board members of Rocky Mountain Health Foundation are from communities across the Western Slope and represent the diversity of our area in age, gender, ethnicity, experience, and expertise. Their expertise includes healthcare administration, physicians, nurses, behavioral health, finance, law, immigrant advocacy and support, and nonprofit management. The board meets quarterly. Individuals may serve up to two, 3-year terms. 

Bob Tesch

Board Chair

Pat Riddell, MPH

Past Board Chair

Bernie Buescher

Vice Chair and Secretary

Chuck Breaux, JR., MD

Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Kathleen Mcinnis, RN, MS

Grant Committee Chair

Sal Schaefer, RN

John Feeney-Coyle

Cassie Comeau, PHD

Richard Betts

Imo Succo, MSW

Joey Montoya Boese

Paula Lopez, DO

Alex Sanchez

Andrew Karow

Kyler Hijmans – DNP, FNP-BC

Mathew Mendisco

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