Basic Needs Fund

About this fund: As one of our funding priorities, the Basic Needs cycle awards multi-year, General Operating grants to organizations that provide basic needs as listed here:

  • food (food banks and pantries, meal services, food-related equipment & delivery vehicles)
  • temporary housing (emergency shelters, safe houses)
  • transportation (medical, dial-a-ride vouchers, bus passes)
  • safety (domestic violence, sexual assault, child advocacy, in-home parent education & child abuse prevention)
  • resource centers assisting people with multiple needs


Recent grants have ranged from $10,000-$35,000.

The next application cycle for this fund is fall 2025.

How to Apply

The Foundation is committed to supporting nonprofits and the work you do to strengthen the health of our communities. We want to hear YOUR story and help you get the funding you need. Reach out early and often if you have questions! We are ready to support you throughout the entire grant process.

Take the Eligibility Quiz to determine that your organization is eligible for grant funding.

A pre-application Zoom call is REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS at the beginning of each new three-year cycle. During this call, we’ll first confirm that your organization is eligible to apply. If eligible, we’ll discuss your proposed funding request (the services/activities provided, target population, and expected results,) the financial health of your organization, and go over the timeline for the cycle. If we recommend you apply, we’ll also ask for more information about your organization, such as contact information, mission statement, and EIN. To prepare for the pre-application call, please review the Basic Needs SAMPLE GRANT and EVALUATION CRITERIA so we can discuss any questions you may have.

You can easily set up a pre-application call with your Foundation staff partner by clicking on the link below according to the county in which your organization is located. 

For Delta, Grand, Jackson, Mesa, Moffat, Rio Blanco, or Routt counties:

Stephanie Self     970.697.1023    SCHEDULING LINK

For all other counties on the Western Slope: VIEW THE MAP

Julie Hinkson     970.697.1038     SCHEDULING LINK

The scheduling link is only active when a cycle is open!  Check the Calendar below to see the dates for this cycle.

If approved to apply, we’ll email you a link to our online grant application portal.

We suggest that you download the Basic Needs SAMPLE GRANT to preview the exact application and to give you an idea of our expectations for each question. It is the same grant you will complete online, so you may use it as a template to prepare and edit your responses before completing and submitting your application through the grant portal.

You have approximately three weeks to complete your grant application. All applications must be submitted online no later than 12:00 noon on the due date. In fairness to applicants who meet the deadline, no late applications will be accepted.

Whew! Now comes a short wait, so hang tight during the evaluation process, which includes:

  • Vetting for alignment, completeness, and clarity. You may receive a phone call from RMHF with clarifying questions about your grant – check the Calendar below and be sure someone is available during that period who can answer questions about the application and your organization.
  • Reviewer evaluation and recommendation. View the Basic Needs GRANT EVALUATION CRITERIA.
  • Board approval

Following Board approval, all applicants will be notified of the funding decision first by phone, and then with a follow-up letter.

If you are awarded: we’ll email you instructions on how to view and accept your award. Grants are paid via ACH following award acceptance.

If you are declined: we will provide honest feedback on why your proposal wasn’t funded. We may offer technical assistance or direct you to other resources when possible. We feel that every funding cycle is an opportunity for us to learn from each other and deepen our relationship.

This cycle requires a Renewal Report for Years 2 & 3 to be completed online. In it, you will provide an outcomes summary and demographic data for the people you served. We’ll also have a 30-min Zoom call to discuss your completed report and give you a chance to share the highlights and learning moments of your year.

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