Grant Making

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Rocky Mountain Health Foundation strives to improve the health and well-being of Western Slope communities. We believe that ‘well-being’ includes not only physical and behavioral health-related issues, but also the external factors that can affect one’s health, such as social connections, economic conditions, safety, and access to basic needs.

The Foundation is dedicated to being both a funder and a partner. We intend to keep the grantmaking process as easy and flexible as possible, learn from our funded partners, and together work toward health equity for every person on the Western Slope.

Grant awards:

Recent awards range between $5,000-$25,000. In the most recent grant cycle, the average grant award was $12,466. As a general guideline, requests to RMHF should not exceed 25% of the organization’s annual expense budget or 50% of program budget.

We consider grants for general operating and programmatic support:

GENERAL OPERATING – Intended to be used to support an organization’s overall activities in any way the agency sees fit, including operating expenses and overhead. Examples include staffing support, purchases such as computers, technology, furniture, software upgrades, or other items that will allow the organization to be as effective as possible. Like keeping the lights on!

PROGRAMMATIC SUPPORT– Intended to be used for a specific project or program of a nonprofit and is tied to project-based outcomes. Example: a substance abuse prevention program at a family service agency.

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